British and Proud

2020, a new year, Christmas and all of the associated festivities are over and we knuckle back down to our day-to-day existence. Whether it is because this is a new year and the associated fresh start, or because the Brexit debacle is now behind us, I am unsure, but there does seem a lot more positivity in the air and people seem nicer. Either way it does seem that the political and social nastiness dividing our nation over the last three years is now behind us and most feel relieved and able to plan ahead without the uncertainties and frustrations we have endured for far too long.

The December election was a major kick in the teeth for those who sought to overturn the democratic vote we took to leave the EU and specifically a fantastic result for those who abhor Corbyn and his brand of left-wing politics. Hopefully he will soon disappear from the limelight forever, however I wouldn’t be surprised if he resurfaces as Blair has done. Despite how despicable Blair was and is, it must be said that he appeared on the surface to be a professional where Corbyn seems to be just a shabby little man with out-dated ideas. So, goodbye Jeremy, may you and your Labour party disappear for a good while yet.

I must admit that I did vote Conservative at the election, even though my political stance is probably seen as “far right”, but I did so tactically in order to keep this country from further uncertainty and ruin. Boris Johnson seems as good as we can expect at this time and I have high hopes for him, even though I see in recent news that he has stepped back from his plan to axe the foreign aid department. I am also not yet convinced his Brexit will be what I voted for back in the referendum of June 2016. However, remainers would have it that I didn’t know what I was voting for…. anyway, similarly they don’t know what they are talking about!

So, what is 2020 likely to offer? At the moment we are still suffering from, what I see, as our main problem of too much uncontrolled immigration. Our ever-growing immigrant population is placing such heavy demands on our social infrastructure, our housing, our health service, our benefits system and our very identity and culture.

We also have the militant fascist left-wing clowns feeding us a daily diet of veganism, halal, human-influenced climate change, implied racism and LGBTQ amongst other even weirder issues. The vast majority of the population are not interested and will carry on as they always have but the noise the tiny minority of these left wing agitators make grows louder each day in their attempts to drum into us that these are normal issues that we must address. They are not and I for one, will be standing up against this nonsense where it affects my life. Hopefully the great British public will also wake up from their slumber to do the same. I hope the Boris affect will stir up the true British spirit and we will see a decline and an end to this sad and ridiculous propaganda.

The December election may well have been the starting point and we will roll forward from this in a positive way feeling a pride in ourselves and what we are and what we have been and not what those who despise us want us to be. We also witnessed a lack of smaller parties and independent candidates at that election due to how important it was in terms of ensuring that only those who were likely to have any impact were in the mix. Consequently with the outcome as it is I would suggest that the smaller parties will once again build into influential alternatives and make some headway in future elections at all levels. I certainly feel that the lack of political movement in Nationalist circles will reverse and we will once again see a rise in the fortunes of those who proactively seek to loudly proclaim what a great nation we were, are and will be again. It is about time the British took a pride in their nation and developed a healthy respect for our culture and our history and also frankly, in themselves. For far too long our town centres have appeared to have a disproportionate element of those who, it seems, couldn’t give a damn and are out to grab all they can get without making the effort to actually earn the good things in life. It’s time we made an effort to care about ourselves and our nation and look like we mean business rather than look like a nation on the brink of collapse. There is a general lack of discipline and with the right approach we can do anything.

Much needs to be done for ourselves and our nation and we need to actively challenge those issues we are unhappy with rather than sit back in the fear that we will be seen as wrong. There are millions of us, the vast majority in fact, so what have we to fear if we stand together against this poison. It is no good sitting behind your social media in safety, we need to stand tall and proud and be British once more. We were great once and we will be again.

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